1. This web portal can be used only by Indian Citizens to file RTI application and First RTI Appeal.
2. A fees of Rs. 10/- per application is required to be paid by the applicant, except BPL applicant. For BPL applicant, uploading of BPL certificate is mandatory with each RTI application.
3. The RTI application will be deemed filed only after payment of requisite fees. No RTI application will be entertained without payment of requisite fees. Application Fee or any other charges once paid shall not be refunded.
4. A unique Application ID will be generated for each RTI application and First RTI Appeal. The Application ID should be referred by the applicant for any future reference and correspondence.
5. Applicant is advised to check the portal on regular basis for any information regarding application/appeal status, additional fee, or any other charges/information etc.
6. The Application ID of original application has to be used for reference at the time of filing the First Appeal. As per RTI Act/Rules, no fee has to be paid for appeal.

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Disclaimer: All the requirements for filing RTI Application/Appeal, as well as other provisions regarding time limit, exemptions etc., will be applicable as provided in the RTI Act/Rules.
In case of any query, kindly contact the concerned PIO/APIO through e-mail provided in the acknowledgement receipt.

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